north·east: ˌnôrTHˈēst,ˌnôrˈēst/
noun 1. the point of the horizon midway between north and east. 2. the northeastern part of a country, region, or town.

adjective 1. lying toward, near, or facing the northeast. 2. of or denoting the northeastern part of a specified country, region, or town, or its inhabitants.

adverb 1. to or toward the northeast.

mak·er ˈmākər/
noun plural noun: makers 1. a person or thing that makes or produces something.

This is a collection of makers. . .some born here, others drawn from other places. . .but all now calling the Northeast their home and the place that inspires their work.

A sense of place and connection to surroundings forms the elements we use and the ways we use them. This rugged and beautiful landscape holds a particular forming ability and has a way of not only settling into our bones, but of leaving a visual mark on the things made here.  

We all have stories to tell, and within these pages, both online and in print, there are stories of our Northeast Makers and the place we inhabit. 

Photos by Jenny Rebecca Nelson and Aaron Michael McNulty